The Nomads Footprints

The Nomads Footprints

por Emiliano Hernandez

A Transformative Weekend: Beyond the Physical

This past weekend, we immersed ourselves in the thrilling world of relay races with "Sal a Valle." However, it wasn't merely a physical challenge; it became an experience that left a profound mark on our perception of running, highlighting the importance of community and mutual support.

From Ixtapan de la Sal to Valle de Bravo: Collective Metamorphosis

We started the race as five individuals, each with diverse personalities and unique experiences. Upon reaching Valle de Bravo, we emerged as a cohesive and highly effective team. This metamorphosis was evident in the 107 kilometers of varied terrain: ascents, descents, cobblestones, and paved roads.

The fundamental lesson we learned is that running goes beyond the individual; it is a community, a union, and a team effort. The synergy among us was exceptional, with each one being a vital link to reach the goal. Together, we created an exciting and motivating experience that exceeded all our expectations.

Forging Bonds Through Effort: The Strength of the Collective

Along the route, we understood that running makes us stronger when we share vulnerability, effort, and fatigue. Despite initial nerves and uncertainty, the weekend concluded with an exciting third-place finish that felt like the first. This achievement was possible thanks to confidence in our abilities and the unconditional support of the entire team, flowing as one.

Paola Vilchis expresses her gratitude: "These people became an invaluable support, changing not only our perspective as runners but also our lives entirely. We thank everyone for believing in us and inviting us to an event that has transformed our journey as a running team."

A Spirit Without Expectations and Contagious Energy: The Power of Enjoying Together

Alejandro Peguero reveals, "Our mood lacked expectations, filled with excitement for the simple goal of enjoying every kilometer and moment with the team. We experienced the best synergies, with persevering individuals and an energy that was contagious from relay to relay. There's no doubt that enjoying kilometers with friends is extremely exhilarating."

The Night, a Test of Unity: Challenging Collective Limits

Pepe Vega shares his experience in the deep darkness of the night, where we ran 107 kilometers transcending the boundaries of the physical body. Discomfort and pain became strengths of our spiritual odyssey, proving that the greater the challenge, the stronger and more united we became. For 6 hours and 44 minutes, we felt alive, invincible, and capable of achieving anything.

Leaving Footprints to the Finish Line: Crossing with Honor

Cervecería Nevado appeared before us, and the five of us got out of the van, ready to enter through that finish line arch. Triumphant for the performance we gave during those 107 km, we knew that we put all our energy into giving our best at each exchange, choosing ourselves and our bodies for something very different from anything we had done before. Victory was not only in the result but in the collective transformation we experienced with each kilometer.