The Hypothesis of Post Running High

The Hypothesis of Post Running High

by Emiliano Hernandez


At Hermanos Koumori, we've been on a quest to identify an almost mystical substance we've dubbed 'Post Running High.' This enigmatic state transcends the physical exertion of running; it's an amalgamation of euphoria and tranquility that saturates the mind and spirit in the moments following a run. We believe it's more than just a fleeting sensation; it's a profound experience that invigorates and harmonizes, leaving runners refreshed and at peace simultaneously.

In our relentless pursuit of understanding the elusive 'Post Running High,' we've ventured beyond the confines of conventional wisdom into the realms of human psyche, ancient philosophies, and the interconnectedness of mind and body. Though its essence remains veiled in mystery, our exploration has unveiled a rich tapestry of emotions, sensations, and a whisper of the ineffable. It's akin to unlocking a door to heightened consciousness with each rhythmic beat of the runner's heart, where the burdens of the mundane world dissolve, and a profound sense of clarity emerges. At HERMANOS KOUMORI, we're not only seekers of this phenomenon for ourselves; we're dedicated to sharing its transformative essence with our community of runners, guiding them on a journey towards inner peace and self-discovery beyond the mere pursuit of distance.


Significant amounts of research have gone into attempting to explain the post running high, though conflicting opinions still remain in regards to what happens in the brain to produce such a feeling. For decades, it was thought to have been the release of endorphins in the bloodstream which elevated the mood after significant effort in exercise. However, it has come to the attention of many scientists that endorphins cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and therefore, would not impact mood. More recently, the theory has turned to the endocannabinoid system in the brain–the same system which is affected by THC–as it can travel past this blood-brain barrier and is in turn more likely to be the reason for this inexplicable feeling. However, much more research has to be done to determine if this truly is the explanation, and in the meantime, the reason for the post running high remains up for debate.

[Testimony Runners]

  • Pablo Gill: Es felicidad, es enojo, es frustración, es libertad, alegría, tristeza; mientras podamos seguir corriendo y sigamos en movimiento, los sentimientos seguirán.
  • Skeleton:It’s a feeling where I feel like I can keep running and can push my limits more to see how fast I can become
  • Amaya: lo más cercano a nirvana para mi alma, cuerpo y mente
  • Ana alarcon: una sensación de euforia que recorre tus venas y se instala en tu piel.
  • Pepe vega: A triumphant dance with endurance and pain.
  • Kayla: A feeling of release where I begin settling back into my equilibrium; my natural rhythm of breathing and being.
  • Adrian Octavios: space that allows feelings to venture throughout your body.
  • Diego Sanchez: Empowerment 
  • Victor Diaz: After a run I feel invincible like anything in sport and in life is possible.
  • Drew Hartman: ​​It’s accessible and beautiful. It’s not simply “runners high” — runners high is most commonly known as the threshold you break while running that makes the pain melt away, but post-running-high, to me, is rooted in the notion that we moved our bodies today.
  • Mike Kratz: It’s a profound connection to the present moment, revealing the joy of simply being.
  • Luisa F: Running is a rollercoaster of emotions - it's joy, it's anger, it's frustration, it's freedom, it's happiness, it's sadness. As long as we keep running and moving forward, the feelings will keep flowing.
  • Jake T: Running is like a challenge I set for myself. Each step is a test to see how much further I can go, how much faster I can be. It's a constant push to break my own limits.
  • Elena P: For me, running is as close to nirvana as I can get for my soul, body, and mind. It's a transcendent experience that brings me peace and fulfillment like nothing else.
  • Diego C: Running is an ecstatic rush that courses through your veins and settles into your skin. It's like being electrified with energy and vitality, every step sparking a new sensation of aliveness.
  • Lucia R: Running is like a triumphant dance with endurance and pain. It's a battle against my own limitations, a conquest of mind over matter, leaving me feeling victorious with every stride.

    [Testimony Non Runners]

  • Elizabeth T.: I’d describe the post running high as an overwhelmingly positive feeling of accomplishment that diminishes anxieties and makes me feel calm but energized
  • Eleanor M.: A pleasant feeling of weightlessness where you don’t have to think about anything
  • Chloe J: It just feels like I could keep running and running and keep a smile on my face while doing it
  • John D: It's like hitting a reset button for my mind and body.
  • Ethan J:"Feels like the relief and empowerment after overcoming a tough challenge."
  • Sophia L: "Resembles the calm clarity after deep meditation, leaving me energized for whatever comes next."
  • Jack R:"Is akin to the satisfaction and relaxation after conquering a demanding task, ready for anything."
  • Emily H:"Mirrors the empowerment and confidence surge after pushing my limits, preparing me for new adventures."
  • Emily S:I feel a surge of positivity and calmness wash over me. It's like all my worries melt away, leaving me feeling refreshed and energized.
  • David M:Nothing beats the feeling of freedom and empowerment I get from pounding the pavement.
  • Sophia L: Post-run, I feel a sense of clarity and focus that I can't achieve anywhere else. It's like my mind gets a reboot, leaving me ready to tackle whatever comes my way.

  • [Benefits]

    PRH offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance overall health and running performance. Here are some key advantages:

    • improved Recovery 
    • Injury Prevention  
    • Mental Health Benefits 
    • Stress Relief 
    • Better Sleep
    • Self connection
    • Endorphin Boost 
    • Mindfulness and Relaxation 
    • Brain Health , 
    • Mindful Movement 
    • Mental Calm
    • Breathing Exercises
    • Body Awareness
    • Emotional Insight
    • Natural High
    • Mood Enhancement
    • Present Moment Awareness


    This is merely a hypothesis; at the end, it's an inexplicable feeling…