Homegrown Collaboration for ComplexCon

Homegrown Collaboration for ComplexCon

by Alex alex.sandler@hermanoskoumori.com

Since DDT was discovered and became widely used, every plant that has been sprayed with it has lost its power to talk. It is a really sad thing to say, specially since they awarded a Nobel price for its discovery.

The first ones to notice this effect were the fungi realm, since they used to talk so much with the plants they had nearby. They were really disconcerted by this, because they started loosing their dear friends and at first they thought it was political, a worldwide ban on plants talking with fungi’s, but then they realized it was too hard to get every plant on the same channel, so that couldn’t be it.

After about a month of talking in the mycelial network, they realized that the true enemy was DDT, and they had to do something. That is when the whole realm got together and decided the plan to follow: They would use all of their nutritional and psychedelic species to get the people who consumed it to fight for the abolition of DDT. That had to be the only way.

They started in Mexico, getting all the people who ate them in their different forms to have an opinion about the subject, from regular mushrooms to the ones containing psilocybin, all of the fungi realm got together to get the human race to ban DDT.

After Mexico the next stop was Los Angeles, thanks to Miguel Koumori, who took to some special huitlacoche from the city when he went to visit his family in LA. From there it was only a matter of time until in the 1960's they got to Rachel Carson.

Rachel Carson was deeply moved by the subject, and wrote the book Silent Spring to make an effort to stop it, thankfully it worked, but it was too late, in 1972 the ban on DDT started, but soil had been too contaminated, we still haven't heard any more from the plants.